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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Crude Oil Alerts - October 02 2007

Here are some of my best weekly reads about the world's crude oil situation, which I would like to share. They give a good picture of where peak oil is today and how to determine when peak oil production has or will actually happen depending on the method of calculation the date, the definition which crude oil is taken into account (light sweet, heavy, tar sand).

AlterNet - Hindu News
The theories for predicting timing of peak oil, despite using different methodologies, have arrived at remarkably similar conclusions. Whether peak oil occurred in 2006 or will occur in 2010, what is certain is a shoot-up in prices, given the enormous appetite for energy in China and India, say RAM VENKATACHALAM and SHANMUGANATHAN N.

How to Address Humanity's Global Crises? Challenge Corporate Power ...
AlterNet - San Francisco,CA,USA
Editor's note: the following remarks were made this September at a conference on "Confronting the Global Triple Crisis -- Climate Change, Peak Oil, ...

The Peak Oil Crisis: Has the Media Become the Message?
Falls Church News Press - Falls Church,VA,USA
Last week, the world peak oil conference in Ireland, heard that the best available data now suggests there may only be about 250 billion barrels of oil left ...

UPDATE: The Shift To Alternative Fuels Is Moving Beyond Ethanol - USA
Global demand for oil is increasing exponentially and supplies are dwindling, and whether you subscribe to the " Peak Oil" theory or not, the bottom line is ...

Shut up about the deckchairs!
New Statesman - London,England,UK
Within the peak oil community, the experience of realising this very simple but paradigm-altering truth is coming to be called 'peak moments'. ...

Is the US oil resource running out?
Commodity Online - Kochi,Kerala,India
By Edward Tapamor If we think of peak oil as a subject in itself, rather than a subset of general discourse about oil and energy, then we can see it has ...

Russia is far from oil's peak
Asia Times Online - Kowloon,Hong Kong
"Peak Oil" is not our problem. Politics is. Big Oil wants to sustain high oil prices. US Vice President Dick Cheney and friends are all too willing to ...


To Grandmother's House We Go: Peak Oil Is Here
By aotearoan
I have intentionally paraphrased this wonderful Christmas song because it has much to say about the future after peak oil which I am now ready to say has already happened. As energy declines, we will indeed go to our grandmother's ...

Free Peak Oil Lecture Online Tomorrow - Tuesday October 2.
By david
If you are interested in learning more about Peak Oil and it's consequences, you might want to check out this free online lecture from Steve Andrews, Co-Founder of the American Association for the Study of Peak Oil. ...

Peak Oil Review - October 1st, 2007
Tom Whipple, ASPO-USA. An executive summary of weekly news from a peak oil perspective, featuring: - Production and Prices - The Falling Dollar - Venezuela - Energy Briefs. Latest News -

Economic Impact of Peak Oil Part 3: What's Ahead?
By Gail the Actuary
A little more squeeze in oil availability, or a sharp drop in the value of the dollar, or even widespread knowledge of the likelihood of peak oil and its effects could further destabilize the debt market. ...
The Oil Drum - Discussions about... -

Peak-oil - The Turning Point
By James Fraser
Peak Oil - The Turning Point, a poster, is available as a pdf download from the Department of Energy. It is an interesting commentary on peak oil , including a very brief explanation of Hubbert's theory and the various predictions of ...
The Energy Blog -

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