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Monday, September 3, 2007

What A Nice Poem About Life: Life is a Bell Curve

"Life is a bell curve. We needn't fear growing old. When I was born you cried tears of joy and hope. When I was a baby, you swaddled me tight in warm blankets and cradled my head so gently as to not break my neck and my bones. You held a cup to my mouth so I could learn to drink. When I was a toddler, I made up stories about things that rattled in my imagination. I thought they were true. When I was a child I wanted to break free and run. But you chased after me and told me to be careful and think ahead. When I was a young adult I cared for myself. I made my own choices. I thought my body could do anything with enough time and conditioning. When I was 30 I lived my life for others. I felt trapped and stuck. I didn't see an end to caring for those I chose to love. When I was 45, I realized that time did not stretch out forever. The little birds I tended were flying away. They wanted to break free and run. Money was all I could see to serve because we need it today and tomorrow when the working was done. When I am 50 I will care for others and worry and fret about their care. They will get sick and old and I will think and hope and wish it would end and hope it never ends. When I am 60, I will start to play again. I will play with children. I will call my friends my girlfriends again. We will giggle and play cards and run free. But you will chase after me and tell me I can't do whatever I want. You will tell me I don't think things through. You will tell me to slow down and take care of myself. When I am 80 I will spill food on my clothes and toddle off. I will tell you stories about things that rattle around in my imagination. I will believe they are true though you know they are not. You will hold my hand so I don't fall. And when I am really old I will get cold and you will swaddle me in blankets and hold my head so I can drink from the cup in your hand. You will see me being birthed again and you will cry the tears of joy and hope once more. ". [1]

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